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DRT (Diploma in Radiography Technology)


Radiography is the art and science of producing medical images using x-radiation. Technologists produce images for the radiologists interpretation to aid in medical diagnoses. The program prepares you, under the direction of a medical specialist (radiologist), to work in the hospital medical imaging department, at the patient’s bedside, in the operating room or Emergency or in private imaging clinics. Our Diploma program in Radiography Technology has been designed to integrate the academic environment with the clinical setting. We are one of the few premium institutes in India to offer this program.


Program Code                                               DRT(10)                   DRT(10+2)
Duration Min. Duration                              3 Years                    2 Years
Max. Duration                                               6 Years                   4 Years
Eligibility Criteria                                           10                            10+2 with PCB/PCM

Career Prospects

Upon successful completion of the Diploma you can explore a career as a radiologist technician. You will find ample opportunities in Hospitals, Clinics and Doctors’ offices. You may further pursue a bachelor’s degree to continue your education and specialize. Common job profiles of students after completing DRT include: Technician in Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Diagnostic Labs.


Please click here to download a copy of the syllabus.

Please click here to download a copy of the syllabus.

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